EFT Motorcycle Ride and the Reno Air Races - 2007

After way too many years not doing so, Rob, Nick, Marshall and I got together and reincarnated the EFT (Estrogen Free Tour). This is an annual ride we used to do, which involved riding our motorcycles, eating food, drinking beer (not while riding, of course), and riding our motorcycles. We also discussed some of the finer points of life, none of which we usually can remember due to the beer part of the equation. This year we took a long ride on many backroads to Bridgeport, CA, where Marshall met up with us. We spent the next day riding over various mountain passes in the Sierra Nevada mountains, and even though Rob had a small incident on his bike with some gravel and gravity that cut the ride a little short, we had a great time and a blast roaming the mountains. We based out of Rob's family's condo at NorthStar near Truckee for the next few day, and spent Saturday and Sunday at the Reno Air Races. If you've never watched high powered planes race each other fairly low to the ground at high speeds, you're missing out on a good time! Along with the races there are various aerobatic shows, including the Canadian Air Force's SnowBirds flight team, lots of flight demonstrations, and a bunch of static displays to get up close and personal with all kinds of aircraft. click the buttons below to see pictures from our adventure.

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