South Shore

We started our trip spending three days in Poipu Beach on the South Shore of Kauai. It was warm and sunny there almost always, with the occasional afternoon rainstorm that's typical on the Island. This was a great way to start the vacation, because you are basically immersed in a tropical climate and environment from the moment you come into town. We had a great condo that was a 2 minute walk from Poipu Beach, and it was a great location to explore from. There are a number of great restaurants in the area as well; everything from hole-in-the-wall taco joints to upscale fusion cuisine. We tried a little of everything and didn't come away disappointed once. This is also where I discovered my favorite food product of the islands - Shave Ice. If you're not familiar with it, you take a big block of ice, shave it with a really sharp blade to get this fine, almost powdery ice. Pile that up in a cup (scoop of ice cream at the bottom optional), then pour one or more of usually dozens of flavors over it, then grab a spoon and dig in. What a great way to cool off in the afternoon!

Views from the Lanai of our Condo

Views from the Lanai of our Condo

Main Living area of the condo

Master Bedroom

The Bathroom Gecko - they tell you to leave them in the place so they eat bugs

Sunrise over Poipu Beach

Sunrise over Poipu Beach

There are chickens EVERYWHERE on the island!

Jo Jo's in Waimea, where we discovered Shave Ice. Over 60 flavors!

That's the Rainbow - strawberry, pineapple & coconut (very popular)

Souting Horn, a natural blowhole in the lava fields next to the ocean

When waves hit the shore it forces the water through a passage and out the top, obviously under great pressure

Kari (waiting patiently I might add) taking pictures of me waiting for good pictures of the spout

This was a 2nd hole that someone blew up (literally). It's now about 20x30 feet

Water still boils out of it, sometimes 5-6 feet high

It gets calm quickly between spouts

The little spout to the right is the horn; it actually howls as the air rushes out of the passage