Queen's Bath

Queen's Bath is a very unique location that's a bit difficult to get to, but well worth the trouble. You hike down a perpetually slick and muddy trail to the lava rock coastline of northern Kauai, then you literally rock hop about 300 yards around the coast line with waves breaking near, at or on you, to The naturally formed pool that is Queen's bath. It's a very beautiful location, with the stark lava rock of the coast contrasting against the breaking blue waters of the Pacific. People come here to swim, snorkel, and hike around the coastline, as this is one of the few places where you can be right on the coast and not be on a beach.

The first of 3 waterfalls fed by the stream next to the trail

The next waterfall right next to the trail. Now you know why it's always muddy here

The 3rd and final fall emptying into the Pacific

Sea turtle playing in the surf

Sea turtle diving (it was rough surf )

Turtles were all along the coastline to the bath. This one's trying not to get smashed into the rocks

Another one, he seemed to be trying to get on that shelf

Queen's Bath, with Kari and others snorkeling in it

Queen's Bath