North Shore

We spent the last four days in a condo at Sealodge in Princeville on the north shore. The north side of the island is wetter, and the difference from the south shore was amazing. Still has beautiful beaches, waterfalls, mountains, etc., but the vegetation was lush green everywhere. While sitting in Hanalei eating dinner, looking at the jungle and Bali Hai (yes, the famous one from the movie) it really hit us that we were in a tropical paradise.

Sunrise from behind Sealodge

Sunrise from behind Sealodge

The mountains from our front door

View from the front of our condo (after the rain)

View from our condo's lanai (after the rain)

Taro fields, what Poi is made from (yes we tried it, and it's as tasteless as everyone says)

Kilauea Lighthouse

View West from the lighthouse. Our Condo's on the far point

Clamshell lens of the lighthouse

Kari at the lighthouse

Kilauea Lighthouse

Church in Kilauea made from lava rock

Dry Cave west of Ha'ena

Kari in the cave

Ha'ena Beach

Waves breaking at Ha'ena Beach

Manoa Stream

Sunset from the condo

Lumaha'i River, Mt. Mamalaho'a in the background