Kipu Ranch ATV Tour


Kipu Ranch, on the southeast corner of the island, is a large cattle ranch that also serves as the backdrop for many motion pictures, including Jurassic Park and Raiders of the Lost Ark. They run daily ATV tours that go to various movie locations, rivers, waterfalls, and through the jungles still on the properties. If you're on Kauai it's definitely worth the time to take one of their tours; the ATV ride is a hoot, the guides are great and very informative, and the whole experience is just a blast.

Kari all ready for the tour

Dave's getting his game face on

Come on, I wanna go play in the dirt!

Wild boars visit us on one stop

Kari enjoying the ride

Look familiar? That's the backdrop to the Jurassic Park movies

See, we look just like dinosaurs!

Tom, our guide, teaching us how not to flip an ATV on the hills

Here we are, middle of the jungle, and chickens everywhere!

This is the location where Indiana Jones swung out to the seaplane in Raiders of the Lost Ark

Yes, you get to swing on the rope out over the river!

Even I did it!

Kari went a 2nd time...

...and Tom wasn't going to let her stop

You can also take a dip in the river, as Kari demonstrates

And in she goes

I guess once isn't enough

I don't wanna let go!

Look, I'm walking on water!

and Splash!

More chickens, they have some beautiful colors

Us under one of the waterfalls on the tour

Another wild boar visits for lunch

Isn't he cute??

Waterfall on the ranch

Us having fun (and getting dirty) on the tour. Behind us is the field where Harrison Ford ran away from the natives in Raiders.

Another waterfall you get to visit on the tour

And you get to hang out and go swimming if you want

After the tour we hiked to Kipu Falls

Apparently rope swings are big fun on Kauai

As is jumping off cliffs

Another one passes the manhood test

Kari posing in Huli'ea Stream

Huli'ea Stream

Us relaxing at Huli'ea Stream