Ke'e Beach

Ke'e Beach is also called the End of the Road, mainly because it is. It's located at the northwest tip of the island and is the northern starting point of the Na Pali Coast. We came here a couple of times to soak up the sun and views, as well as to hike up to the remains of an ancient hula school. Ka'ulu'Paoa Heiau was the most important and prestigious hula school in the islands, and students came from around the island chain for over 1000 years to learn hula there. It was very inspiring to climb the same trail more than 50 generations of Hawaiians had to reach the school, and the school itself was very peaceful and serene. If you every go to Kauai make it a point to hike up here, it will be well worth the effort.

Ke'e Beach from the forest

Ke'e Beach, looking south

Pine trees on the beach, interesting roots

The ancient hula school

View from the school, I could take classes here!

Banyan tree roots, the tree is 25 feet up the cliff

Gecko soaking up the sun

Main room of the school

Kari practicing her hula

Kari looking at the ocean

Us at the school

Back at the beach, the water color and clarity were amazing!

Yet another perfect wave in paradise

2 sea turtles riding the surf, they are the dark spots just to either side of where the wave is breaking in the middle