United States Grand Prix Races at Laguna Seca, July 2005

The MotoGP races returned to Laguna Seca Raceway in Monterey, CA July 8 - 10, 2005. This was the first time they've visited the US since 1994. The crowds were huge - 40,000 Friday, and 58,000 Saturday and 58,000 Sunday (the track was completely sold out both days). This was the largest crowd at Laguna Seca ever for a sporting event. Only the Pope drew a bigger crowd in 1987.

The MotoGP bikes are truly the fastest, loudest things on 2 wheels I have ever seen. Watching them on TV gives you a little idea, but in no way the full experience of what they are capable of. They lapped the track 2.3 seconds faster than any previous motorcycle ever had! If you ever get a chance to see them compete live, you should really go do it.

Here are some of the pictures I took during the weekend. Enjoy!


MotoGP Bikes

AMA Bikes

Miscellaneous Pics