The Solvang Motorcycle Museum is very cool because it's a guy's private collection (about 1/3 of it, actually), and he's very trusting and lets you get right up next to the bikes; no railing, no ropes, just you and the machines. I've visited it before, Click here is you want to see some of the earlier pictures. He recently acquired the last Britten ever made, one of only 10 in the world. to learn more about these bike go here. Here are my most recent pictures form the museum. I also took a lot of pictures of the Britten, I mean, how often do you get to be that close to a bike that rare?? Hit the button below to see more if it, and enjoy the rest of the pics!


Britten V1000

Solvang Motorcycle Museum

Solvang Motorcycle Museum

Solvang Motorcycle Museum

AJS with a monster megaphone exhaust

MotoGuzzi 500cc DOHC V-8, replica of late 50's race bike capable of 180+ mph

Guzzi tail, interesting exhaust setup

Guzzi front suspension, and you think BMW makes weird front ends

Early 70's MV Augusta race bike

52 MV Augusta 350 race bike

74 Ducati 750 Sport


Another cool old race bike

Very pristine 55 Triumph Trophy

Interestingly customized Suzuki

60 Jawa racer

32 Brough Superior like the one Lawrence of Arabia rode

Harley VR1000, this one was raced in 2001


I always liked the paint job on these

Moto Paton racer

34 Ariel Square Four

125cc CZ GP bike with dusbin fairing, which were outlawed as bikes would blow off the track in crosswinds

33 Matchless Silver Hawk

Info on Yamaha TZ 350, a very successful racing model

Yamaha TZ 350

Britten V1000