Bill & Susan at the South Rim

Kari and Susan, it's raining in the canyon

Near Mather Point

Rain falling in the canyon at Mather Point

Fawn in front of El Tovar Lodge where we stayed

Inside the El Tovar Lodge, built in 1905

Susan, Bill Kari & David on the rim at Grand Canyon Village

Sunrise over the canyon

Sunrise over the canyon

Sunrise over the canyon

Sunrise over the canyon

Sunrise over the canyon

The canyon lights up as the sun rises

Watching this happen was truly spectacular

Condor near Bright Angel Lodge

Condor sitting on a rocky point

This one had a 6+ foot wingspan

Condor flying in the canyon

Circling near the face of the cliff

Four condors catching the early morning sun

From one of the trail view overlooks approaching Maricopa Point

View from Maricopa Point

Colorado River from Hopi Point

Another view from Hopi Point

View from Mohave Point

Interesting tree at Mohave Point

Another view from Mohave Point

Colorado River from Mohave Point

Susan and Kari in front of the fireplace at Hermit's Rest

Little bird (about 1.5 times as big as your thumb) with a LOUD song at Hermit's Rest

The cute squirrel that climbed in Kari's lap, then bit me 3 minutes after this picture!

View of the canyon from Moran Point

Another view from Moran Point

Kari and Susan hiking down inside the rim a ways

Watchtower at Dsert View

Susan, Kari & Bill on the rim at Desert View

Looking wesst down the canyon from Desert View

Another view of the watchtower