San Jose BMW Racing in the AFM races, Infineon Raceway, August 2007


I joined in on the shop ride to Infineon Raceway (Sears Point for those that still hate the branding) to watch the San Jose BMW Racing Team go at it in the AFM races. It was a special weekend as they were running both of their race prepped BMW R1200s bikes. Brian Parriott (# 46), their regular team rider, was piloting the Formula Extreme spec "X-Bike". They also flew out Nate Kern (# 149), who has raced with the team a few times in the past, to run the Moto-ST spec "Mule". It was a great day, with Brian running in 4 classes and Nate in 2, and Brian winning 3 of the 4 races he ran in! Also, I highly recommend going to AFM, or other local and regional race series, events. The access to the riders and the tracks is great, the cost is dirt cheap ($10, free parking in the pits, and you get to watch 10-12 races with about 16 classes of bikes), and most importantly, you're helping support the sport of motorcycling as well as the grass roots riders who are honing their skills, some of whom are aspiring towards AMA and other national and possibly world level racing.


Brian Parriott - 46     Nate Kern - 149

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