Up Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion 2013

Each year Laguna Seca hosts the Rolex Montery Motorsports Reunion to showcase all kinds of vintage and historic racing cars. I went with my friend Martin on the "pre-reunion" weekend, where you get to see most fo the cars but the crowds are really small. For example,we watched 8 races at the Corkscrew with a total of about 12 people around.

G1-1952 and Earlier
G3-1955-1962 GT
G4-1961-1966 under 2500cc
G5-1958-1963 Formula Junior
G6-1963-1966 over 2500cc
G7-1955-1961 Sports Racing
G8-1973-1989 IMSA GT GTP
G9-1960-1968 USRRC
G10-1970-1979Under 2000cc
G12-Trans Am

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