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The last four days of my journey meandered mainly down the Pacific coast from just southwest of Seattle to home. Except for the stretch of the coast highway in Washington I've ridden the coast in Oregon and California, but those aren't stretches of road I'll ever get tired of. It rained as I left Seattle but after about 70 miles it cleared up and turned into a really nice day. I had a lot of fun running down a section of the coast I'd never ridden before, and I still got into Tillamook, OR in time to visit the Tillamook Cheese Factory and sample some of their goods (all very tasty, by the way). The ride down the Oregon Coast was a bit damp but it broke up and got nicer later in the day. I stopped in Brookings, OR which is a great little coastal town. I was wandering around by the beach and an older gentleman struck up a conversation with me and we had a great talk about the area and it's history. The next to the last day on the road took me from Brookings to Fort Bragg, CA. It wasn't raining, but the fog had moved in and was basically on the ground from Brookings to Eureka, CA. AT times you couldn't see more than about 400 yards, so it was a slow, wet crawl for a while. But just after Eureka the sky cleared suddenly and it was perfect riding weather the rest of the way to Fort Bragg. Clear blue skies, a gentle breeze, temps into the upper 60's (had been upper 40's earlier), and a bunch of miles of twisty road with almost no traffic. What could a guy on a motorcycle want more??!! I probably should have stopped and taken some pictures of the coast in this splendor, but I was having too much fun blasting through the curves! Fort Bragg was fun, and dinner and beer at the North Coast Brewery's Tap Room were excellent as always. I got home the next day, September 22nd, 26 days after I flew out to Atlanta. I'm really glad I had the opportunity to take this trip. It's something that I've dreamed about doing for almost 20 years and things finally came together to let me do it. A few folks have asked do I wish I had done or seen something I didn't. Given, I had to skip a few things I wanted to do due to some bad weather, but missing that opened up chances to see and do other things. I enjoyed everything I did, the people that I visited, the chance conversations with strangers, and the time I spent alone with my bike rolling across the country. It has been one of the great experiences of my life, and I hope that I get a chance to do something similar again in the future.


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