Small bay near Seal Point

Seals sunning on the rocks

the rock formations, types and colors are spectacular along the South Trail

The round patterns were in many places, very interesting

From a tide pool looking west

What's she taking a picture of??

Even though it looks like molten rock cooled, this is a natural erosion pattern

Interesting rock layers, tells quite a story

Another view from the trail

Inlet along the cliffs

Another small inlet, there were several along 1 mile of trail, each unique

More rock formations at another tide pool, different from all the others

Neat view of a pool and the rock layering

More of the cool, round formations in the rock

A closer view of them

Sea anemones in a tide pool

Every inlet or tide pool was very unique, all of them awe-inspiring

another view of the coast from that pool

Looking for lunch

Kari at a tide pool

Sea urchins and a star in another tide pool

A closer look

Big anemone, cool water effect

He's a big one!

Very interesting rock formation, we stared at this for a while

Can you tell we like tide-pooling?

OK, maybe you've seen enough of them

So now look at us!

Beautiful blues in the water

He has his own beach

Another inlet, can you find the seals?

OK, try again