One of our favorite spots in Cambria is Moonstone Beach at sunset. While we were there a large storm came through and really wreaked havoc on the beach, but then blew out and gave an impressive sunset. These pictures are before, during and after the storm.

Moonstone Beach Thursday before the storm

Not here, yet, but the waves were getting bigger

Santa Rosa Creek running into the Pacific

Sunset Thursday

More big waves coming in

A beautiful evening

Height of the storm Saturday, Beach completely flooded

The Thursday pics were taken about 25 feet behind the sandbar where there's water now. Note the seagulls riding the storm out

Swells were hitting the beach at 8-12 feet

That wave is breaking at least 12 feet (bad perspective from a hill)

The creek mouth changed completely in the flood

More big waves pound the beach

It let up for a while, one bird got out of Dodge!

It was really windy, check the dog's ears!

... and 4 hours later, it was like this

Sky reflecting in the surf

Still getting big waves, but calming down

Just dodged getting hit by this one

Another beautiful sunset in Cambria

Sunset Saturday after the storm