Cypress clinging to the cliffs

Interesting roots from Cypress tree

The wildflowers were starting to bloom

The water was really active; a storm was moving in

Banana Slug, the UC Santa Cruz Mascot!!

Banana Slug

Iris blooming

Lots of Sea Lions in the area

Sea Lions

Mother with newborn pup

Some idea of how rough the seas were; those rocks stick up about 20 feet

Sea lions in the cove

Another new pup! It was born a day or 2 before we were there (according to the docent)

Mother and baby

This one was ready to give birth

A couple of posers!

Mom and baby going for a swim

Cove between Coal Chute and Granite Point

Tide Pools

More wildflowers

The Carmel mission

More pounding surf

Poppies in bloom

More wildflowers starting to bloom

More seals

Moss Cove

The trail around the cove was lined with poppies