Taylor Man Trip, April 2007


John, Sam and I took our annual Man trip April 14 - 16. Since we are all spread around the country we decided to converge California and head for the Monterey Bay for a little sightseeing, hiking, and rabble-rousing. It was pouring rain on the 1st day so we went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Of course, being the doofus I am I forgot my camera so no pictures from our visit there, but I can tell you we had a good time, took in all the exhibits, and enjoyed all of the stuff we saw. It stopped raining so after pizza and a beer we took a little hike along the bay coastline and did some tide pooling. On the 15th (Sunday) we went hiking at Point Lobos, which is where all of these pictures are from (got better about the camera). There was a constant 15-20mph wind with gusts up to 50, and the waves were breaking insanely huge on the coast. We took a 4 hour, 8+ mile hike encompassing almost the entire perimeter of the park and then some, including almost all of the shoreline trails. The rest of our time was spent watching manly movies (GrindHouse, 300), eating manly food (all vegetables were safe), and consuming manly drinks (we leave no beer behind). It was a fantastic outing, and we really enjoyed the chance to be together and spend some quality time hanging out, talking and having some fun.

Point Lobos South Shore

I saw a wave THIS BIG!

John and Sam

Sam tempting fate, waves were breaking 15 feet higher than him there

Cool rock formations near the tide pools

Neat little inlet

Point Lobos South Shore

Hello bird

Point Lobos South Shore

Waves were breaking at 12-15 feet

Point Lobos South Shore

Top of that spray is about 40 feet above seal level

Point Lobos South Shore

Point Lobos South Shore

Cool light coming through the wave

Looking across some of the tide pools

Sam taking in the surf

John doing the same

The rock I'm on is 25 feet above sea level

Yes, I did get a little wet

That was about 10 feet above my head

This one got me a little, too

Small inlet on the way to China Cove

Looking west across the south shore

The Taylor Men - John, Sam, Dave

Guess who!

Seal napping on the rock

Seals with pups suning on China Cove beach

Otter hanging out on the kelp off China Cove

Closer look at the seals

Our otter buddy again

Poppies blooming near Bird Rock

Some of Bird Rock's inhabitants

John and Dave

Looking back at China Cove

Here lizard, lizard, lizard

Flowering trees along the Plateau trail

Funky looking tree Sam noticed

Whaler's Cove on the North Shore

Sea Lion rookery, lots of new pups here

Mom and pup

Lots of babies

Some were only a couple of days old

He may have been only a day or 2 old

Sam & John on the point above Whaler's Cove

Dave and John

Waves breaking near Seal Rock

Waves breaking near Seal Rock

Cove at Seal Rock

Looking east down the south shore