Golden Gate Park

We went to Golden Gate park in early December to roam around and see some of the sites. It was a really beautiful day, and we even saw Hugh Jackman (Wolverine for you X-Men movie fans) going to the De Young Museum. It's amazing all of the different things you can see and do in one park; we sampled maybe 25% of what you can do there so we will definitely make a few trips back to enjoy everything it has to offer.


Kari as we start our adventure

Flowers at Strybing Aboretum

Ferns in the shade of ther trees

Lots of squirrels playing

A very interesting and old tree

Say cheese, little squirrel!

Where'd you come from?

Ducks by the pond

Mallard on parade

He was enjoying his stroll

More Mallards in the pond

A beautiful fall day in the park

Interesting flowers

Close up look at them

We'd never seen this flower before

Bird enjoying the morning sun

Well Howdy!

Mexican Sage growing in the arboretum

Not sure what this is, but it's a very interesting flower

This bell came up the coast with the Spanish in the early 1800's

Another interesting tree on a grassy knoll

Pretty Flower

Getting ready to bloom

Squirrels were everywhere and completely fearless

Then this quail walked out from under a park bench and right up to about 2 feet from me

What are you lookin' at??

Entrance to the Japanese Tea Garden

Kari on the bridge over the stream in the Tea Garden

Pagodas in the Tea Garden

Closer view of the pagodas

I'm flying!! OK, maybe not so much...

This bronze Bhudda was cast in Japan in 1790 and brought to the Tea Garden in Golden Gate Park in 1949

Windmill at the west end of the park

A different perspective on the windmill

Poppies starting to bloom

Very colorful

Just another perfect day in San Fransisco!

Kari at the Beach Chalet

Surfers at Ocean Beach